In this article I want to give an impression of my observations and share my concerns about how all these developments can be absorbed by us all?

Over the past few years I am regularly seeing the pitfalls that organisations fall into as a result of following the wrong strategy and/or unclear motivation due to enforced changes.  The results of such an exercise are regularly the same and bring organisations, projects, programmes into deep trouble.

After a successful five years in operation, I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone an overview of where we are! As an entrepreneur servicing the financial services market, the financial crisis stole much of the playing ground and many firms faced unprecedented challenges to survive.

While preparing my annual news update I was wondering what really happened this year 2010? Unfortunately my conclusion is that still a lot of companies didn’t change at all. Barely any investments were made due to limited financial sources but also fear seems to have been an important factor and this has caused postponing of investments.