Leveraging on over 30 years experience in the industry; Jaap Blom ICT Management Consultancy aims to provide advice and solutions that add value and help organizations to improve and achieve their strategic goals!

Added value does not only mean the financials or shareholder value but also:

  • The quality of the solution and professional advice  (content in coherence with the processes) and
  • Customer Service
  • Enhancing employee value 

By realizing both, across assignments in both the profit- and non-profit world, an ideal mix will occur that keeps us grounded and stimulates us to do our utmost for a “better world” and to make the most of Corporate Social Responsibility .

This might sound onerous but is not meant that way, to change the world we of course have to begin with ourselves but it doesn’t stop there!

We want to reach this aim this by :

  • bringing to the market over 30 years of knowledge and experiences of (ICT) management
  • Utilizing standards and values,  as “Servant Leadership”  that are key for us in our own functioning but also will be the starting point  in projects where we cooperate  with others. In our commercial approach we have also included time and energy  in our entrepreneurship for taking our responsibility to the community. For more details click here.

In our vision we are also focused on finding solutions and advice  where the human being is central. No matter what solution and sophisticated technology it might be; we strive for the situation where the individual recognizes him or herself. If they experience their own contribution as part of the daily process or in the solution this leads to job satisfaction which  in return will lead to profit generation for the organization.


Our mission is to create or enhance strategic value for your organization by building on our specialization and experience in:

  • the development of a Business and ICT strategy fit for purpose for your organization
  • the implementation strategy for such applications within  your organization or at a third party
  • Restructuring or migration of your Operations & IT architecture and solutions.
  • To align the strategy to your core business processes and to ensure to get the right people at the right place delivering results

We believe that the strength today lies In building  network organizations for specific roles using specific  expertise. In doing so we create the best possible quality for the specific solution against the  appropriate fee. We can minimize our overhead. We use a large database of both, senior experts and young  talent. We have, during the past years,  built up a network of very experienced people with a good track record in  (international)  Business like Banks, Insurance companies, multinationals and Government bodies.
Several of our partners have a special young talent program where we can cooperate with if needed.